In keeping with the words of the Lord “ ஏற்ற துணையை உண்டாக்குவேன் – ஆதி 2:18” and the vision of our Board of Directors to inculcate social harmony, “ஏற்ற துணை / BEST COMPANION” is the culmination of Sathiyam Television Ltd. – Imbibed corporate social responsibility to work towards a flourishing and harmonious society.

      We appreciate that true harmony in a plural society shall only be borne out of obeisance to the rule of law, cultural & religious tolerance and inclusive prosperity. We also understand that the fabric of society is woven out of the yarn of family and there can be no harmonious society that does not have harmony in the families making it.

      And that was ‘how’ and ‘why’ ஏற்ற துணை / BEST COMPANION was conceived as a first of its kind, non-profitable matrimonial service where those that come seeking their life partners in the name of God with the utmost faith reposed in him, get to find their lasting soul mates.

      We at ஏற்ற துணை / BEST COMPANION offer you a wide range of matrimonial services ranging from sharing our data base of eligible bachelors and spinsters, their testimonials, contact details of their immediate families and their authentication that would enable you to find a relationship for life and for a very nominal registration fee. We also offer you auxiliary services from wedding plans, to customized wedding ideas and themes that will suit your purse and make the experience remain as cherished and sweet memories.

What more are you waiting for? Let the glory of the Lord bless you to find blissful matrimony by getting your wedding bells to chime and rings to shine.