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Reg.ID : STV0120003
Age/Height/Weight : 28years / 5.3 (ft)/53
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Reg.ID : STV0915057
Age/Height/Weight : 31years / 5.4 (ft)/60
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Reg.ID : STV1016028
Age/Height/Weight : 31years / 5.6 (ft)/54
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Reg.ID : STV1120003
Age/Height/Weight : 25years / 5.6 (ft)/58
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Reg.ID : STV0615033
Age/Height/Weight : 39years / 5.4 (ft)/48
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Profile Grooms

Reg.ID : STV0816015
Age/Height/Weight : 31years / 5.5 (ft)/79
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Reg.ID : STV1115077
Age/Height/Weight : 34years / 5.1 (ft)/50
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Reg.ID : STV0316017
Age/Height/Weight : 39years / 5.7 (ft)/68
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Reg.ID : STV0616016
Age/Height/Weight : 43years / 5.7 (ft)/70kg
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Reg.ID : STV0920004
Age/Height/Weight : 34years / 5.7 (ft)/68
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